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The Fruit With A Non-veg Prefix

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The oddity of a fruit’s name displayed in a stall perplexed me. It had a non-veg prefix attached to it and was labeled Egg fruit. I have come across star fruit, bread fruit, even dragon fruit; but this was something I had not heard of till now. I mused, “why this name?” Meanwhile my focus drifted away to other attractions showcased in the shop like cocoa fruit and vanilla beans. They proved to be brief diversions that reined in my soaring interest in that particular fruit and took my mind off it for quite some time. But before long, it was there again; my thoughts revolved around it until the line, “why this name?” became a loud refrain in my brain. I could not wait anymore to find out why. So, I held the fruit in my hand and lightly sniffed it; I observed that neither the shape nor the fragrance had anything to do with the background of its name. But luckily, as I got a view of its insides from another fruit which the customers had ravaged in the process of sampling, I knew that my quest was about to end. The mealy pulp was an exact replica of cooked yolk; even the texture matched; and the taste was reminiscent of cooked yolk mixed with sugar. So there it was – by virtue of its hue, tactility and taste, the fruit’s name was impeccably fitting and justified.

Egg Fruit aka Canistel

Egg Fruit aka Canistel

Later that day I gathered some more details about the fruit. Also known as Canistel, this tropical fruit belongs to the sapotaceae family. It is grown commonly in the Indian state of Kerala and also in Florida. It seldom hits the market. Its nutritional profile raves of excellent carotene (evident from its colour) and niacin content and a fairly good amount of ascorbic acid. It is used in recipes like ice-cream, custard, pudding, jam and milkshake or rather egg fruit nog.

Are you familiar with this fruit? Then tell us in what other ways its benefits could be exploited.


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  1. hi mam
    its is very interesting. do this fruit have any medicinal uses?

  2. I quote Lushyanthi’s response to this post’s share in FB, because it adds on to the info:

    “Hi Mam,
    Article is good on egg fruit.
    I am from Nilgris. I have eaten this fruit. We get it in Gudalore… we don’t do any recipe in this… just ripe it and peel the skin and have it as such – we call it Laval pazham.”


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