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A Book To Be Chewed And Digested

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A book to be chewed and digested.

A book to be chewed and digested.

To write something in the non-fiction category in a gripping manner, is not an easy task. But, Rujuta Diwekar succeeds at it. If her previous book,“Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, dealt with 4 important nutrition principles, her latest best seller, “Women And The Weight Loss Tamasha”, delves into 4 indispensable strategies pertinent to different phases in a woman’s life – nutrition, exercise, sleep and relationship strategies for teenage, premarital period, pregnancy, motherhood and menopausal stage. The ‘tamasha’ or joke lies in the idiosyncrasies of women in our society – their attitude to weight loss, their reasons for weight loss and the extent to which they go to achieve it. The purpose of weight loss could be anything from fitting into an old pair of jeans, looking good in a photograph to finding the right groom but sadly not HEALTH! All these are mirrored in the book in an outspoken, witty and humorous style.

Some of the initial chapters are so empowering – the author appeals to women to not always play second fiddle to somebody in life, but instead prioritise themselves, love their bodies, nourish them and stay fit. All through the book she reiterates to shift the spotlight from calories to nutrients. The emphasis is also on eating fresh food and not microwave heated left overs – a definite red signal to today’s modern life style. Thumbs-up to the chapters on Hypothyroidism and PCOS/PCOD. The author’s art of simplifying complicated topics with examples, so that readers’ get a grasp of it, is commendable (a common trait of excellent orators and writers). She draws instances sometimes from movies, sometimes from automobiles and yet other times from organising a stage show. 

Other highlights of the book are:

  • The boxes with extra information – they offer info about frozen eggs, plastics and hormones, adiponectin and what not! (These are personally my favourites).
  • Samples of 3-day diet recall with evaluation and modification.
  • The appendices with a comparison of breakfast foods, effects of low-calorie diets, about foods misinterpreted to be healthy and nutritional deficiencies.

If I were to rate this book according to the famous English Philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon’s saying,

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”,

I would place it in the last category. The book has a wealth of info right from the beginning to end and deserves to be read, reread and imbibed into life. It is indeed a book to be chewed and digested.

If you have read this book, express your views in the comments. There is a lot of space there for you to voice out your opinion. Oh, come on…drop in a line or two.

You could also suggest other books that are worth reading.

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  1. It is indeed a very good guide book. But it takes to read and then apply to it. Have recommended the book to many but very few read it. I know they are missing a lot.

  2. This is an amazing book!! I read it about an year back, immediately after I chewed and digested ‘Don’t Lose your mind, Lose you weight’.
    As rightly said, its a tough task to write a non-fiction book in gripping manner, and Rujuta has done a tremendous job here.
    The way all the basic concepts of nutrition are explained and how Rujuta encourages you to keep yourself as a priority is very inspiring.
    Loved your post, you have summarized it all nicely!

  3. I’ve read this book and the first one too & I really Thank Rujuta for that. It really helped me in loosing weight and then conceiving. And it shows on my kid too. I was so fit throughout my pregnancy, I still remember i took stairs in my 6th month for 11 floors.
    I strongly support Rujuta’s statement that the food/eating habits you’ve had before conceiving, it completely reflects what symptoms you’ll have during your pregnancy.
    Awesome book. Loved your post.

    • Hi Ruchira,

      Good to know that you put Rujuta’s principles to practice in real life and were also benefited by it. Yes, nutritional status before conception decides a lot of how you steer through pregnancy and after.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Mentally I hv gulped both of her books and can say that each n every word Rujuta speaks is ..JUST PURE LOGIC !!!!!!! We r living in a world of ignorance when it comes to dieting n weight management . I simply love her for bringing back all our Indian values n age old theories back . Just need to teach west that we r the best . Our generation X needs to open their eyes n stop following westernized food habits n start sticking back to their basics . Pls leave oats n olive oil for parantha n desi ghee :))))

  5. v well said… Rujuta is so articulate and makes things just so easy… Totally in love wd whatever she writes! Hats off to u Rujuta to bring these revolutionay changes in our lives… Love u… N thx!

  6. in wich book she wrote about thyroid and pcos plz tell me…


    I had an opportunity to spend time with her in one of her retreats! She is just a great asset to women & it should be part of 10th standard syllabus for everyone. Also i am concerned that we are losing the knowledge of our traditional cooking wisdome, getting influenced by western diets, fads without complete knowledge & also many time mislead & misguided by doctors. The situation today is alarming..its important we educate people about the facts importance of eat local, think global which Rujuta voices

  8. Wow, what a chain of comments and excellently written blog Sangaa…. DLYMLYW & WWLT are magical books….i guess Rujuta has her own style of delivering and she pours her heart out while writing.The four principles are very effective and simple. The best part is that she has simplified the entire tamashaa of weight loss. Guess, she should now come up with another book on exercising or workouts. Also, i feel she’s a great supporter of Women Empowerment. The book has a pinch of humour, wit, passion and sarcasm all blended together to make it a wonderful read!

  9. Kakoli Chatterjee

    hmm… Sounds delicious too. Must buy the book asap to “chew and digest”


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