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An item that inevitably finds place in every health conscious person’s shopping list is green tea. Yes, it has so many benefits to offer – first and foremost, it is less in caffeine when compared to coffee; it aids in weight loss, acts as a stress buster, promotes cardiovascular health and whets cognitive function. And if the green tea is of the premium type, it has added advantages. Premium tea is neither oxidised nor fermented and undergoes a special three stage processing of steaming, rolling and heating. This unique treatment helps to preserve the treasure of antioxidants that is inherently present in the tea leaves.

I recently came to know about a brand of premium tea called Mystic Green, through one of my good friends. This tea is provided to the employees of some renowned corporate companies during tea breaks. Thought, I should also try it.

The varieties of premium tea available are impressive. Green tea comes in blends of i) rich Indian spices, ii) lemongrass and ginger (a very novel combination), iii) hibiscus blossom and iv) rose petals. There is a variety of black tea too, blended with v) cinnamon and mint (my gut feeling says that this variety would taste better as iced tea). So the little tea bag is packed with the benefits of not only the premium tea but also the goodness of spices and herbs added. The spices-green tea infusion is invigorating, the lemongrass-ginger combo acts as detoxifier, the hibiscus blossom brew as cleanser (the crimson tinge of this brew and its intense aroma are endearing), the rose petals tisane as immune booster and the cinnamon-mint black tea serves as a stress reliever.

Tea pack containing 20 pyramid tea bags

Tea pack containing 20 pyramid tea bags

The tea bag is worthy of special mention. It is a pyramid tea bag that has an edge over the conventional paper bag. The nylon net-like mesh of which it is woven, makes for bigger holes than in the paper bag. This allows water to come in contact with more surface area of the tea leaves, thus releasing more essential oils and character into the cup. The pyramid structure allows for much higher quality larger tea leaves to be inserted into the tea bag. It also gives more space for the tea leaves to unfurl, circulate and brew into a better cuppa. In short, the pyramid tea bag mimics the action of a tea infuser.

Pyramid tea bag

Pyramid tea bag

Milk is not added to these teas as it interferes with the function of antioxidants. There is no need to add table sugar as the natural sweetener licorice has already been incorporated into the blend (Some may feel, that the sweetness is not enough…depends on individual’s sweet threshold…honey can always be added). These quicken the brewing process and make it non-messy. Isn’t this convenience at its best!

I think it is important to read food labels as a consumer and I earnestly do it (Do you? If not, start today). I am glad that the label read ‘100% Natural’, meaning, it is devoid of any artificial ingredients and preservatives and the ingredients are only minimally processed. It gives a good idea about the major ingredients, specifies the benefits of the prime ingredient and also mentions its shelf-life. It enlists clear instructions for brewing. However, information regarding the caffeine content per serving is something that is missing. If declared on the label, it would be a valuable guide to those on caffeine restriction. I am happier to find out that these products can be procured online via, and Makes life easier.

Info on ingredients and brewing on the pack

Info on ingredients and brewing on the pack

Satisfied with my research on this product, I am heading off to take a sip of the rose petals infused green tea…Aww, the tisane tastes so good. Money spent on such tea is definitely an investment in health.

Rose petals green tea

Rose petals green tea

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  1. What an amazing product. Innovation with traditional touch. Its the need of the hour…. If people could enjoy green tea, their health will definitely start looking up especially if its with such herbal infusions.

    Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Would love to see more such posts from you in future.

    All the best

  2. Poornima | May 21, 2016 at 2:21 am | Edit
    Hi Ma’am, thank you so much for this …
    Few months back, there was an issue of consuming green tea, due to packaging. But, this one puts an end to that, and especially the pyramid packing, make sense, will try out this at the earliest..


  3. Hi Poornima,

    Just pasted your comments in this section where it rightly belonged.


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