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The author Sangamithra holds M.Phil Degree in Food and Nutrition from the popular Women’s Christian College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Her knowledge in the subject was honed during her student years in the famous Queen Mary’s College, also in Chennai, where she did her under and post graduation courses. Besides having worked as Head of the Nutrition, Food service Management and Dietetics Department in a reputed private college in Chennai, she has also been a regular Visiting Professor in many other private and government colleges. She has actively involved herself in various Community Nutrition Projects in both rural and urban areas along with her students. She chose to be a Nutritionist rather than a Lecturer and practiced as a Sports Nutritionist at SPARRC, a renowned Sports Medicine Center.

She now resides in Kuwait and spends her time writing blogs and snippets on topics related to FOOD.  


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  1. Sanga, ur blog has surpassed all expectations I had from a food related site.all ur articles r well written,informative,interesting with beautiful complementing photographs..keep up the good job…now I know u hardly have spare time….

  2. Hi Mam…

    Would like to see blogs exclusively on proteins…myths, facts associated with them!

    I still hear few telling me that having more Whey is not good for health…Not sure if this is true…for that matter, is whey the best form of protein, as advertised all around?


  3. Hi Sanga,when u have the time check out kunal’s site , he does food photography n his photos have some kind of raw appeal. think u will like them too..there is also a newletter he writes n food lovers r welcome to join ..the link is

  4. Dr.K.Kanjana

    Proud to have a studious nutritionist from Queen Mary’s College, Chennai probing nutrition related blog with simple and superb features .
    Dr.K.Kanjana Ph.D,

  5. Hi mam….

    My fiancee 22 years old 5.3 inch height but her weight is 42kg…also she eats well..but she can’t gain weight…I suspect she has overactive thyroid problem…Bcz of she had delayed puberty…and getting often irritation…so I can see symptoms of overactive thyroid issue on her…I read few articles related overactive thyroid…their solution for this….Soy beans. so now my question is soy bean is good for overactive thyroid problem or any other solution for this ?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Krishnan,

      Sorry for the late reply. I would not advocate soya as a solution for her hyperthyroid problem (the goitrogens in soy are inactivated once it is cooked; so the belief that soy curbs thyroid activity is not true). But it can be included in her diet just like any other food in moderate amounts.

      Proper prescription medicines, a well-balanced diet and regular exercise would be a wiser path to adopt.

  6. Hello Mam,
    Can u suggest me diet for strengthening nerves.

  7. Hello Ma’m 🙂

    So happy to see your blog.. I find it very informative .. and the recipes are simple and yet seem so delicious. Can’t wait to try out some of them :).. I specially liked the recipes for “Chutney with a twist” and “Kosambari” (which my mom has made for us since childhood especially during RamNavami, and like you have very rightly mentioned, we offer it as Prasadham) which are perfect for the summer 🙂

    • Dear Deepti,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Visit it whenever you can afford the time. Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions and also criticisms🙂.

  8. Hi Sangamitra..just now came across your blog. very happy for you. Good luck on your venture.

  9. Indira Ganesan

    Hi Sanga a great feeling to get to know about u after nearly 20 years.Just now I came across yr blog,I have’nt gone through fully,I’ll definitely do it shortly .Nice to know that yr well established in this field and doing a fine job.Let us be connected from now.Please give me yr contact number via mail.This is Indu.

  10. HI , maam
    i am RIYAS , from Sri lanka , i have a small yoghurt factory. want drinking yoghurt production


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