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A Few Must-Read Books

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Books are man’s best friends. They keep him company, enrich his wisdom and allow a peek into others’ perspectives about matters. Boredom seldom creeps into a person’s life with reading habit-a book in hand and a cozy corner, he is oblivious to the world around him; and acquiring knowledge is so wonderfully an effortless process for an avid reader.

A person identifies different emotions with books suggested for academic purpose and those outside them. An air of reverence and seriousness envelopes those included in the curriculum, whereas it is FUN spelled with books outside syllabus – obviously because in the second case, the person is not bound by compulsion; the choice of book is his; the pace of reading is according to his convenience; and he reads simply because he wants to and loves to.

Here are some books that I have read, relished and consider as must-read, especially for those in the field of Food and Nutrition:

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose your Weight 

Rujuta Diwekar, a fitness guru for celebrities encompasses her philosophy of eating right in four simple principles. She shuns crash diets throughout, focuses on nutrition rather than calorie count and gives due importance to exercise. The foreword by Kareena Kapoor and a chapter on her complete diet regime are selling points for this book.

The Complete Guide To Sports Nutrition

This is a book ideal for beginners in Sports Nutrition. The author, Anita Bean, an award winning UK Nutritionist, takes readers through the ABCs of Sports Nutrition, nutrient by nutrient. The lucid language, question and answer style of writing and examples quoted, enable easy grasp of information.

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Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy

Written by the famous obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Gita Arjun, this a valuable book for all parents-to-be. The chapters on healthy eating during pregnancy, nursing babies, post-partum diet and sampler of Kegel’s exercises are indispensable. The sections on old wives’ tales do a good job of debunking myths connected to gestation, labour and lactation. The colourful visual aids used for explanation make the book more endearing.

Simple Kitchen Experiments – Learning Science With Everyday Foods

This book by Muriel Mandell is Food Science and Experimental Cookery simplified. Learning is so enjoyable with easy experiments, needing only everyday foods and readily available resources to try them out. The fact that it does not demand sequential reading (you are free to pick up a topic at random and proceed with it) ensures comfort level of the readers. The illustrations by Frances Zweifel and catchy captions definitely do their bit to sustain the interest.

Don’t miss reading these books. Do you have any good books on mind? Go ahead and recommend them here.

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