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Building a Diet Catalogue

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Diet Catalogue

Monologues are always boring and tiring. A bit of participation from my friends and blog followers would definitely spice up things. Well, how about building a database of diets? If each of us contributes the name of atleast one diet that we have heard, we could keep things rolling. Your inputs could be shared in the comments section of this post. Let us not debate about the popularity of the diet, its effectiveness or its futility. But let us focus on the authenticity of its mere presence; the fact that it exists and is followed in some corner of the world is just enough to add it in our database. Let us derive satisfaction in creating our own diet database and take pride in watching it grow over the course of time.

The idea is to initially collect names of diets, sort them alphabetically and later if possible link the name with a brief account about the diet.  The database could serve as a one stop reference for all diets …it could be something like a “Diet Catalogue” or a “Dietpedia”. Hope you all enjoy taking part in building the catalogue and thanks in advance to all the contributors. My bit to the database is “John Atkins Diet”.

Diet Catalogue

  1. Alkaline Diet
  2. Balanced Diet
  3. Blood Group Diet
  4. BRAT Diet
  5. Cabbage Soup Diet
  6. Casein-free Diet
  7. Clear Fluid Diet
  8. Dairy-free Diet
  9. DASH Diet
  10. Detox Diet
  11. Dukan Diet
  12. Elimination Diet
  13. F2 Diet
  14. Fast Diet (5:2 Diet)
  15. Feingold Diet 
  16. FODMAPs Diet
  17. Formula Diet
  18. GI Diet
  19. Gluten-free Diet
  20. GM Diet
  21. Grapefruit Diet
  22. Halal Diet
  23. Hibernation Diet
  24. High Fiber Diet
  25. High Protein Diet
  26. Hormone Diet
  27. Hundred Mile Diet
  28. Hunter-Gatherer Diet
  29. Japan Diet
  30. John Atkins Diet
  31. Junk Food Diet
  32. Kempner Rice Diet
  33. Ketogenic Diet
  34. Kosher Diet
  35. Lacto Vegetarian Diet
  36. Lactose Intolerance Diet
  37. Lemon Diet/Lemonade Diet
  38. Low Carb Diet
  39. Low Potassium Diet
  40. Low Purine Diet
  41. Low Residue Diet
  42. Low Sodium Diet
  43. Macrobiotic Diet
  44. Mayo Clinic Diet
  45. Mediterranean Diet
  46. Ornish Diet
  47. Ovo Lacto Vegetarian Diet
  48. Ovo vegetarian Diet
  49. Paleo Diet
  50. Pesco Vegetarian Diet
  51. Semi-solid Diet
  52. Seventeen Day Diet
  53. Sippy Diet
  54. South Beach Diet
  55. Sugar Busters Diet
  56. TLC Diet
  57. Vegan Diet
  58. Vegetarian Diet
  59. Weight Watchers Diet
  60. Zone Diet  
 * The catalogue is under construction
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